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Elizabeth Mushinsky Mitchell
Concertmaster Chair

Established by the WSO Board of Directors as permanent recognition of ‘Liz’ Mitchell. She was a leader and volunteer at the symphony for over 40 years. Liz was President of the Board of Directors and chaired the Fishbein Children Concert. Funds in Liz’s name are dedicated to special initiatives.

Uria and Johanna Manfreda Fishbein
Children’s Concert Series

Established to support a special program that buses elementary school students to concerts specifically for children.  Held in the WSO venue, it brings exposure to music programs and provides children with skills that they can carry with them to succeed in school and life. 


to support the Arts

to honor someone

for the love of music

to inspire creativity

to extaordinary music 

to your community

Keep the music alive!

Annual Giving & Membership

Donors are the lifeblood of the Arts! 

The WSO is a non-profit organization. Funding is achieved through ticket sales, individual and corporate donations, grants and various events.These donations make possible unique musical experiences and bring professional orchestral music to the Wallingford area.  

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$ 2000 and up

Acknowledgement at all WSO concerts, in related 

printed material and 4 tickets to all concerts 

in the current season series.


$ 1000 and up

Acknowledgement in printed material and 3 tickets

to all concerts in the current season series.


$ 500 and up

Acknowledgement in printed material and 2 tickets

to all concerts in the current season series.


$ 250 and up

Acknowledgement in printed material and 1 tickets

to all concerts in the current season series.


$ 50 and up

Acknowledgement in concert program.

Music heals the soul and brings joy to those who listen.

Your donation enables the WSO to foster community building through its four main concerts. It also introduces children to the arts by supporting the Uria and Johanna Manfreda Fishbein Children’s Concert Series, as well as special initiatives through the Elizabeth Mushinsky Mitchell Concertmaster Chair. Your donation allows people to come together in solidarity for their love of the arts and love of community!

The WSO Endowment Fund

In 2018 the Wallingford Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors established an Endowment Fund. The purpose of this fund is to help offset the increasing costs of performances. Our Maestro and musicians are all paid professionals that come to us from throughout the state. In addition to their salaries and fees for guest soloists, there are administrative costs incurred when 

producing a concert. The WSO is responsible for paying the stage personnel who work behind the scenes (management, lighting, sound). We also pay music rental, publication, and advertising fees.


The intent of the Endowment Fund is to invest the donations, using only the interest acquired each year from the investment. We are a 501(c) (3) organization therefore your donation is eligible as a tax deduction. It is our hope that the Endowment Fund and planned use of interest will help to sustain our

presence, continuing to benefit those in the Wallingford area and surrounding communities for years to come.

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